Newsservice by The Streamers

We offer quick and professional coverage service for international TV stations connected to LiveU network or open to receive SRT video feed from our control room. Up to 3 cameras remotely connected, audio for up to 4 guests and more, lights and roofed commentary positions. Our cutters and editors can work on site and prepare a full newsstory within minutes. Our whole equipment is handy and easy to setup.


LiveU is the international Standard for HD videotransmission over cellular networks. We connect each of our 3 devices with up to 6 internet sim cards, that can also be changed on different locations. PLUS: we recently deployed a STARLINK connection to get even more remote from standard network coverage

Get connected with 12Mbit/s per camera, 4 audio channels and HEVC coding for best TV quality.

Everything is possible


Live on Youtube, Facebook and the rest of the web with backup connections, even if one line fails


three cameras on the set or even spreat out, one central control room

Live on CNN, BBC, SRF, ORF

Works within minutes. Just contact your LiveU Support team and they will connect our devices on your system. With SRT stream, simply enter our ip details and receive a high quality pre-mixed feed directly from our control room

our TV Setup

LiveU LU300
Sony and Sennheiser audio systems
Allen & Heat audio mixer systems
Arri Lights
DJI Ronin Gimbal
DJI Mavic 2 Drone
Control Room with vMix and Blackmagic ATEM hardware
LU2000 LiveU Servers with up to 4ch per unit